Breathing my Fantasies to life!

Dragons are my favorite of things to draw and illustrate.

From Traditional to Digital media, I love creating new works. Bringing new creatures and vision for you to see. So i started Lunar Sapphire Arts studio to head to conventions and shows to bring my art to you.

I'm always hoping that when people view my works it brings feelings and happiness to them.



From Creatures Grand To Small

See completed illustration artworks from commissions and orginal concepts



For Things We Love As Children To Adults

Completed artworks of characters and creatures from other IP's can be found here.


Vast Is The World, Let Me Guide You

Upcoming Events, Contacts, Social Media and More

Upcoming Conventions & Shows

Libcon(SouthShore Regional Library): May 11, 2019

Megaplex Convention: Aug.9-11, 2019

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