Convention Listing

I am listing conventions I am attending for those who are intersted in meeting me or buy art in person.

  • Megaplex 2018

Previous Conventions

I started going to conventions attending in the artist alley's since the year of 2011. Florida Anime Experience was the first I ever tried doing. Since then I enjoy it alot. I appriciate the people I meet and those who give complimates on my work and also the ones who buy them. So if you ever go to the cons i listed please don't hesitate to say hello.

Cons I attended before

  • Big Bang Bazaar 2015
  • Metrocon 2015
  • Metrocon 2014
  • Metrocon 2013
  • Florida Anime Experience-2012
  • MetroCon 2012
  • MegaCon 2012: table-purple 7
  • SwampCon-2012
  • Florida Anime Experince 2011
  • MetroCon 2011